Annual Fund: A Message from Chief Joe Bartos


Dear Friends and Supporters:

We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

There are some very exciting initiatives planned at the West Point Volunteer Fire Department in 2015. We are moving forward on a number of fronts that should be of particular interest:

  • Engine 3 has been serving our community now since 1994. We plan on replacing this fire truck with a new one that will have the latest technology for life saving equipment and tools. The estimated cost for the new truck is $650,000.
  • We are also planning on purchasing new extrication equipment. This new equipment is engineered to help us work more quickly when faced with life-threatening situations often encountered in disasters. The estimated cost is $150,000.
  • In Emergency Medicine, we are considering acquiring one of the greatest tools available for saving lives; the latest cardiac monitors used in our ambulances. The monitors have endless value in a variety of situations, making them essential as we review ways to fulfill our core mission. The cost for these monitors is $100,000.

Beside these needed capital outlays, we plan to continue to offer advanced classes in firefighting and emergency medicine for our membership. We want to ensure that our team benefits by having the most up-to-date information so they can handle any situation they encounter.

Since 1904, the West Point Volunteer Fire Department mission has been to offer our community the most sophisticated emergency service available, saving lives and preventing injury whenever possible. We are committed to providing the best firefighting and emergency medical services available to our community members, friends, family, and anyone in need. Because this is important to you.

Our joint commitment to the most sophisticated equipment and training relies on your generous support. Please consider making a donation today. We take pride in serving a community many of us have called home for generations.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.

Joe Bartos, Chief

P.S. We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in working with a group of people who are sure to become your second family, and helping your fellow neighbors in an immediate and meaningful way, please learn more here.

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