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2016 Annual Report


On behalf of the West Point Volunteer Fire Department, I am pleased to provide you with the 2016 Annual Report. We are honored to serve the community and seek to provide the highest level of service to anyone in need. We believe in this concept so much that it is the backbone of our Mission Statement- “The West Point Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to provide the highest level of service to our community and upholding the public’s trust placed in our organization”.

The West Point Volunteer Fire Department is an all-hazards emergency services organization. Not only do we offer fire protection and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Care, but we are also trained and proficient in technical disciplines such as vehicle rescue/extrication, rope rescue, and water rescue. We operate on a budget of approximately $450,000 and respond to approximately 800 calls for service each year. During Calendar Year 2016, we were fortunate to have received over $110,000 in grant funding.

In 2016 we were excited to bring in several pieces of new equipment. In March we welcomed a new rescue pumper (designated Squad 3). This new piece of apparatus will aid in our response to vehicle crashes and technical rescues. We were also able to upgrade our vehicle extrication tools for both our new squad and quint. We were also able to upgrade three out of four cardiac monitors. These new monitors allow us to better diagnose cardiac problems in the field.

We value training and education. As such, we support our members in their desires to obtain additional skills and certifications. We routinely fund members’ requests to obtain ALS Technician and advanced fire/rescue training certifications.

I look forward to another year of serving both the West Point Volunteer Fire Department, as well as the community. I graciously thank you for your support and hope that you find the information included within this report to be very informative as to the operations of our great Department.

Joseph “Bart” Bartos IV, Fire Chief


West Point FD 2016 Annual Report

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